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The movers we had were excellent. They worked all day, were polite, helpful, and considerate. Would definitely recommend and use their services again.
Breann Childs19Jul 2024
My experience with Blue Self Storage was amazing! Had no issues and the price was very reasonable. Will definitely use again! Thank you!
Aysha Woodward09Jul 2024
The movers were fantastic! They did a remarkable job.
Carmen Moseley17Jun 2024
* Our experience with Removal Company was nothing short of spectacular. Their exemplary organization and efficiency made our move a breeze.
Alicia J.22Apr 2024
It was a pleasure working with such professional and competent movers who ensured that our relocation was completed swiftly and efficiently.
Carly M.11Mar 2024
I highly recommend Removals to anyone in need of a moving company. Their team was so kind and helpful, making sure my move went smoothly and all of my belongings arrived without any issues. And their prices were very competitive.
A. Scroggins18Feb 2024
I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for reliable and professional services for their office relocation to London.
Joanne Pacheco08Feb 2024
I couldn't have asked for a better experience at Removal Company - their prices were reasonable, but their customer service was impeccable.
Alexandro K.29Jan 2024
A huge thank you to the team at this moving company for making my move a breeze. I couldn't have done it without them!
Jovanny Malik19Jan 2024
The booking process was friendly and straightforward, and the movers were punctual and helpful.
R. Chavez18Dec 2023
All of my interactions were met with great professionalism, politeness and willingness to help from sales agents to those who deliver my product.
A. Albrecht03Nov 2023
Moving away from London was an intimidating prospect as a rookie but thankfully, Movers dove into action with consummate skill - from packaging up possessions carefully through to making sure every single one landed at their destination unscathed, including each piece of furnishings which even survived intact when they reached there! Appreciative of them being crystal clear on providing details relating to dispatch shipment no less!
K. Greenwood27Jan 2023
Called Moving Companies for my home removals needs and saved time and money. They are in the business of making lifelong relationships with their customers.
Kyree Porter15Mar 2017
I've moved home several times I my life so I thought I had a good handle on the process. Regardless, I hired Removals for some help this time and they showed me how it's done. Having this expert staff take care of things for me made the job quicker, easier and more successful. My goods were safe and transported without any problem. The company representatives were flexible and accommodating so I got the support I needed. No matter whether you have never moved home or you are a veteran, I recommend you call this team.
A. Redden16Nov 2015
I was moving to a smaller home and wanted two services one to a storage facility and the other to my new property. There was a lot of work to do with the packing and the different locations. This wasn't a problem to RemovalsMovers. The team handled it professionally and nothing was mixed up or lost. The cost was fair and I knew there was a lot of work involved, but it was great to leave it to the experts who had the experience to deal with it.
Caelan O.12Nov 2014
My office move was easy, smooth and quick thanks to the movers at RemovalsMovers. They handled it all and might I say, did a cracking job at it. The movers handled my belongings with care and nothing got damaged when it arrived. The movers worked very hard and were so nice and polite too. Plus, I thought the prices of this company were really good and not that much out of my budget. All in all, a superb company with superb staff!
H. Adam18Sep 2014
You will not find a more dedicated removals company than RemovalsMovers. They are excellent to work with, and I have found them to be very efficient in ensuring that our removal went ahead without a hitch. I have to say that the friendliness of the staff was instrumental in relaxing the whole family, and ensuring that we had a nice time as it all went on around us. I was surprised that you could even have such a thing as a relaxed removal, but apparently that is the case, so I can't complain really!
Liberty Christiansen07Jul 2014
I had no problem at all with using RemovalsMovers and I would highly recommend them to anyone else who may be looking for a good removals company right now. They were extremely helpful and I was extremely stressed out to the max at the time yet with their hard work and assistance the move went ahead smoothly, with no real hitches at all. I know that I couldn't have moved house this easily without them on board, they took on the task however difficult it proceeded to be at times, and just got on with it, making it look so easy.
J. Motley02Jun 2014
RemovalsMovers are the best removal firm I've ever dealt with - they were exactly what I needed at exactly the right time! My particular operation necessitated the transportation of hundreds of pricey plants hundreds of miles - RemovalsMovers transported everything supremely safely, and the plants were delivered to their destination without any sign they'd been moved at all! It was a joy working with the firm's removal team - they were responsive and reassuring in equal measure. The overall cost of the move was supremely low, and I was more than happy handing over the fee when they were done! I highly recommend this firm.
Heath Silva21May 2014
I had certain fears about the removal that we underwent last week, and they were mainly to do with things getting broken, and getting ripped off. I hate the idea of paying too much for a job that you could have had done cheaper, and whilst RemovalsMovers were pretty cheap, I was concerned that they would not be as caring or safety minded as other companies may be! I was very wrong, this lot are excellent, and I will be using them again whenever I have to undergo the dreaded removal all over again!
Zaira B.08May 2014
Given that removals are meant to be hellish experiences that are feared above all other things, I was remarkably relaxed throughout my first domestic move! I think it was down to great planning and a really great removals team, and given that the removals team did all the planning I suppose it was really down to them! In all seriousness, RemovalsMovers really did make my life so much easier overall, and they ensured that I was relaxed and in the know on all things throughout the process of moving the house. I can't thank them enough!
Donnell K.15Apr 2014
What would I have done without RemovalsMovers? I wanted to move house in a hurry and luckily I got all of the help that I needed from this removal company. The time constraints didn't put them off, and they were more than willing to help with all of my removal needs. I have so much furniture and lots of glass items that I was terrified about moving, but the movers were very careful and very efficient. They even managed to put me at ease which was no easy task! This is a really affordable removals company and they have lots of services. The staff are all very friendly and I couldn't have asked for anything more!
Kassidy Hammonds03Apr 2014
My friends and I had been moving from one home to a new one, and we wanted the best possible help. We went looking around for the best help we could find and there was one name which was passed along a couple of times. When we called RemovalsMovers, we were put at ease from the start. They took us under their wing and made sure that every aspect of our move was properly taken care of. Their help made a big difference and made sure that we were able to move in to the entirely new place without anything issues.
C. Love19Mar 2014
Can't believe that I managed to get by before knowing about this service. Every time I've moved in the past I've been a big ball of stress rolling from place to place and I'm sure I've lost things along the way. I was dreading this latest move until someone put me in touch with RemovalsMovers and I can honestly say that I've never had such a pleasant experience. As such, I will certainly be calling them when I move next and I shall be passing on their information to all of my friends and family, and always leaving good reviews, like this one here.
K. Haynes28Feb 2014
After hearing that I was looking for a simple and easy move, my dad passed me the information for RemovalsMovers. Needless to say, I'll be saying thanks to him, but there's a bigger thanks to be said to the entire company for turning our move into such a simple process. I was worried (as I guess everyone is) that something would go wrong, somewhere. But that just wasn't the case. Every moment I was in communication with them, there was a reassuring professionalism which made sure that I was relaxed and happy throughout the move, which was - in the end - effortless.
Cale Forsythe10Feb 2014
At the beginning of September we used RemovalsMovers to move from one London postcode to another. We went from a single bedroomed ground floor apartment to a 3 bedroomed 4th floor apartment (with a lift). The van, packing materials and 2 man removal crew cost us so little that our friends openly called us liars! That was until we showed them our final charges invoice; we used every box they sent and our move took a little longer than anticipated due to some furniture needing to be dismantled to fit into the lift. However, we had no additional charges added. Now our friends cannot wait to move.
Isaiah Bravo31Jan 2014
I took my time researching removal companies because you hear a lot of negative things these days, and I didn't want to entrust all of my belongings to someone who didn't know what they were doing. A friend had recently had good experiences with RemovalsMovers and so I thought I'd give them a call. I wasn't disappointed with them, because the movers that helped me out were so professional, so efficient and really informed. They knew just what to do, whether it was how to lift and carry my heavy items or how to load them into the van to make sure they didn't shift around and break whilst we were driving. Great service!
Clark M.21Jan 2014
Knowing that removals tend to be an absolute nightmare, I was well ready for the stress and panic that I usually have to go through when moving house. However, they never came! We booked RemovalsMovers early, and they were instrumental in ensuring that we were not left in the lurch. They helped with planning and packing, and even made sure that were well sorted as far as things like packing boxes and storage went. I could not recommend this lot any higher, so you should pick up the phone right away if you need a great removals company.
A. Gamez07Jan 2014
RemovalsMovers provided a perfect office move. I was extremely tight on time and had organizational difficulties in preparing the office for the move. But as soon as RemovalsMovers got involved, the move became significantly more organized and it was completed in no time. The staff were great because they worked on packing and loading at a time that was best for my business. This avoided any extra down time and ensured that my business could be up and running throughout the packing process. Their prices are competitive and affordable, so they are the perfect choice for someone who is money conscious. A great pick!
Melia Andrews28Dec 2013
RemovalsMovers removal team was excellent. They were prompt and ready for transportation on move out day. We planned the move ahead of time so that I could better prepare for the process. I needed the move completed quickly and they were really accommodating. They worked at the most convenient times that did not disrupt my schedule. The staff were friendly and hard working. They helped the unloading process which made a big difference. My new home was ready in no time. I would surely recommend RemovalsMovers for anybody looking for a reliable moving company.
K. Trout18Dec 2013
Saving money is the kind of thing that can get you in to trouble when hiring a removals company. In all honesty however, it was the exact opposite with RemovalsMovers as they seemed to have a lot of experience and know how in the removals game, whilst offering a great price! I had a few quotes through, and none of them could I afford, but this lot were well within my budget. You always fear getting ripped off by cowboys in certain situations, but these guys were amazing! A rare things, a good price for a good job, fancy that!
F. Glick05Dec 2013
I was extremely happy with how my recent removal went, and the success was mainly down to RemovalsMovers as they really did sort me out with so much. It is sometimes hard to know whether you are getting a good deal on a removal, as there is so little that you can test over the phone, but I am pleased to say that these lot were amazing. The service was impeccable, they were prompt and worked hard, and the price was great. The team were friendly as well, which was a real bonus, as I hate a surly workman!
Beatrice W.14Nov 2013
RemovalsMovers are great. The customer services people helped to sort out a move plan that would work for my timings, dates and budget, which meant that I didn't need to drop any jobs over the period of the move. The Situation with getting everything packed was going to be a nightmare because of work, so they sent someone round to do most of it for me. Usually I would not trust anyone in my house with my things, but they seemed decent, and I knew I could always trace it back to the firm. The job was a good one all round.
Howard Cline04Nov 2013
When I was on the phone to RemovalsMovers I could tell easily that they were going to be a great team to have on my side. In a way, you can sort of get an idea from a person's tone of voice, and their customer services were spot on in making me feel confident in their abilities. Luckily, there were no issues with the move itself, so my confidence was rewarded, and the team did an amazing job! I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone there, for making my move so easy!
L. Meredith25Oct 2013
There were many concerns that I had about moving house, so it was nice to find a company who could give me a service that made me less worried about the safety of the items I was transporting. There were many tips that they gave me on how to ensure that things were packed well, so that they would not suffer whilst in the van. We were driving a long way, so there was a lot of time where I was not able to oversee their safety, but everything arrived in one piece. Thanks ever so much to all at Removals.
Guy Hilton13Oct 2013
Removals conducted my business' office move earlier this month to a high standard. The move was extremely successful, with all of the firms' staff demonstrating professional conduct throughout the process. We employed their packing teams to disassemble all of our furniture and electronics and this was handled with care by individuals who are clearly experienced in such areas. The full process of packing and moving was carried out at the weekend, which meant that our staff did not need to be disturbed during working hours. By Monday morning, our new office was complete and ready for our employees to return to their work immediately. An excellent job well done.
Marianne Ratcliff03Oct 2013
I've always felt that moving should be an easy process. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of instances where I have been proved wrong. Over the last ten years my job has meant that I move around quite a bit so I've seen the bad and the ugly and now I can say that I have seen the good as well. Movers took care of everything. I work 70 hours a week so moving house is hard enough for me to handle without packing and everything like that but these guys did the lot for me. Easiest move ever.
Adrian R.23Sep 2013
RemovalsMovers made the process of relocating easy and affordable. I couldn't have asked for a better service. All the staff members were friendly and the service was customized to my needs. I didn't have to pay for extra services that I wasn't using. They knew just how to move my large furniture without dirtying or damaging it. Their prices are affordable and they offer customized options. What more could you want from a moving company? They are fantastic and I definitely recommend them for any move.
B. Eng09Sep 2013

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